Here at Grand River Eye Care, your eye health is our top priority, and healthy eyes need healthy lashes. We carefully examine your natural eyelash health and determine the weight and length of extensions that will fit perfectly with your natural lashes.

Classic Lashes

Full set: $150 | Fill: $60

With classic lashes, one eyelash extension is glued to each healthy natural lash. This is great if you are looking for a more natural look, if you already have a lot of lashes, or are just getting started with extensions.

Hybrid Lashes

Full set: $175 | Fill: $75

Hybrid lashes are a combination of classic and volume lashes rolled into one set of full lash extensions, using hand-made fans of 2D or 3D lashes. Perfect for clients who are looking for a fuller look.

Volume Lashes

Full set: $199 | Fill: $99

Volume lash extensions are created using a variety of 3D, 4D or 5D fans that are applied to each healthy natural eyelash. This look is great if you have fine, weak or sparse lashes, or for anyone who wants to add fullness to their lashes.