Advanced Lenses

When choosing a type of lens there are many factors to consider. Just remember that not all lenses are created equal.

Advanced optics with tailor-made precision

There is an old saying that “good is the enemy of great.” When it comes to your vision, don’t settle for “good enough.” You can have great vision.

Advanced technology makes great vision possible. Imagine a lens that is actually made up of hundreds of tiny “lens-lets”, where each one can be customized to your precise measurements. The Visioffice measurement system allows us to personalize your lens by measuring in 3 dimensions how you use your eyes when you are reading, how you turn your eyes, which eye is dominant and where each eye is oriented with respect to the glasses frame and with respect to each other. These measurements are done with precision to within a fraction of a millimetre. Because every eye is unique, each lens must be as well to ensure instant vision effortlessly.

This goes far beyond the traditional “dot with a magic marker” approach. At Grand River Eye Care, you don’t have to settle for “good enough.”

Advanced coatings

Our lenses come with advanced scratch-resistant and anti-reflective coatings. Not all coatings are made the same! If you’ve ever experienced coatings that scratch, flake off or are smudgy, you likely don’t have a high-quality coating.

Crizal antiglare coatings help you see clearer by reducing unnecessary reflections from the front as well as the back of the lens. There are many levels of Crizal coatings, and at Grand River Eye Care we offer only the newest and most advanced Crizal coatings. We believe that you deserve better than coatings invented 30 years ago.

Crizal Forte UV protects your eyes from harmful UV rays that come from the front of the lens and also from reflecting off the back of the lens. Imagine protecting your eyes from 100% UV even without the use of sunglasses.

Crizal Saphire is one of the best coatings to improve your vision at night, which is very important for night-time drivers.

Crizal Prevencia blocks the harmful blue light rays that we are exposed to from computer screens, tablets, phones and other electronic devices. It does this selectively, without blocking the beneficial blue light that we need for our sleep cycles, so it is the best blue light blocking coating in the industry.

All of our coatings come with a 2-year warranty against scratching and manufacturer defects.

Our guarantee

We always strive to provide the best service and the best products. If for any reason you aren’t happy with excellent vision, we will fix things. Our non-adaptation warranty allows patients up to three months to tell us that something isn’t right. We will be able to make adjustments as needed, change lenses or swap out frames within this time. Our patients’ vision is our priority and we will serve our community with integrity and a passion for eye care.