Contact Lenses

We fit contact lenses for every prescription and every eye shape. This includes patients with astigmatism, patients who need bifocals and patients with dry eyes or corneal irregularities.

Disposable contact lenses

The newest soft lens materials are referred to as Silicone Hydrogel Lenses. These lenses allow for the most oxygen breathability to the corneas. They are the healthiest option in contact lens wear and come in both monthly as well as daily wear modalities. Please ask your eye doctor if you are in a silicone hydrogel lens and if you are not, ask to be refit from the old, less breathable “Hydrogel” lenses into the more advanced “Silicone Hydrogel” lenses.

Daily lenses

The daily lens modality is now an affordable, healthy option for most contact lens prescriptions. Daily lenses have the advantage of wearing a brand new, clean contact every day. With time monthly lenses will start to accumulate deposits and are not a great option for patients with high prescriptions or those who have allergies as allergens can collect on a lens that is worn over and over. Daily lenses do not require big bottles of cleaning solutions or cases and so can save on plastic and the huge processing required to create the cleaning solutions (for our environmentally conscious patients). They are also very handy for traveling!

Scleral lenses

This custom fit lens is the newest technology for dry eye sufferers or for patients who have extreme prescriptions or high amounts of corneal astigmatism. The lens is extremely comfortable and allows for better vision than glasses in some patients with corneal distortion.

Ortho-K lenses

This lens is worn at night while sleeping. It gently reshapes the front surface of the eye so that during the day no contacts or glasses are needed. It is a safe corrective vision option for those who do not want to undergo the permanent treatment of LASIK vision correction.  Ortho-K lenses for children are also used for the treatment of progressive nearsightedness or myopia.

RGP lenses

These lenses are used for correcting astigmatism and are also an excellent choice for bifocal or multi focal patients.