Have you ever been told that you cannot wear contact lenses because your prescription is too high or that you have astigmatism? Have you given up contact lens wear because your eyes are too dry? Scleral lenses may be the answer you’ve been waiting for!

Scleral lenses are specialized contact lenses designed for people who have high astigmatism, corneal irregularities or very dry eyes.

Scleral lenses are sized similar to soft lenses, but they are made out of a more rigid plastic material. Thus, they can correct corneal irregularities and high astigmatism compared to soft lenses which simply drape themselves over and take the shape of an irregular front surface of the eye.

These specialized lenses rest on the white of the eye and vault over the cornea (the clear dome on the front surface of the eye where all of the nerves in the front surface of the eye exist). Thus, the lens is very comfortable as none of the corneal nerves are touched by the contact lens. The lens also keeps a thin film of tears between the surface of the eye and the contact lens at all times, so it creates a comforting layer of lubrication for people who suffer from dry eyes.

Scleral lenses are custom made for each individual and often last 2-3 years. Often, computerized maps of the curvature of the entire cornea are generated to facilitate the lens fitting, and several trial lenses of different sizes and curvatures may be applied to the eye during the fitting process.

Our doctors use the latest technology to create the highest precision scleral lens, tailored specifically for each eye. There is no longer a reason to prevent comfortable and clear contact lens wear.